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Business trip to Norway? Send the Avatar!
Given the current limitations on international travel, doing business and running projects in Norway from outside the borders is now via internet and phone. This works well in most cases where you have running business, but some sort of physical presence may still add significant value, or even be crucial to complete an ongoing delivery.

Currently, travel imposes risk of quarantine or other travel limitations. Looking forward, there will be a competition on how to operate lean and efficient, by harvesting some gain from all the digitalization that has been ongoing. Covid gave digitalization an extra boost, and this will change the way we do business. Post Covid will be a new normal, not back to normal.

The key is really that people can interact much easier when integrated into systems, some companies integrate suppliers, or even customers. We are all networked. Still, some sort of physical presence have crucial value, so how to solve that in an efficient way?

We can help you out by acting as your Local Avatar, to bridge the physical and cultural gap:
- Local project resource
- Customer visits
- Inspections
- Other local activity

Depending on the type of activity and specific knowledge needed, we will spend some time to familiarize us with your business/products/projects, but then be able to be a helping hand on short notice for specific tasks. Local presence with digital integration.

More info
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To work in sales is like running multiple projects in parallel, which quickly becomes unwieldy.
Do you control the day with a notebook cluttered with post-It notes? Maybe it's time to do something about it?

How to do you handle the following?
- What youe are going to do today, tomorrow, in a week, or soon
- Remember what you have actually done and agreed to do
- Share with the others in the team what you have done and agreed on
- Get an overview of what is going on
- Help to call the people you should call
- Help to send “that email” and keep track of email history.
.... and the list goes on.

Our favorite is OnepageCRM, a tool aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, which does what it should without getting too heavy. At the same time, you can easily customize the information setup yourself.

When you feel that a tool helps you, it actually becomes natural to work inside the tool, and then everything is recorded, stored, and shared – completely by itself!. In a team, there should be no need to ask someone “Did you remember to call Jones?” Status overview is ongoing, and not a monthly reporting exercise.

Getting Things Done

For those of you that does not know “Getting Things Done” (GTD), the main principle is:
“What's the next little action that will move this project a step in the right direction?”
And that is what it is all about.

«How do you eat an elephant?» «One bite at a time....»

This is the principle of OnepageCRM as well: Next Action. Here you enter the next thing that is going to happen, and who does it; get it out of your head and into the system.

Your contact is a person, not a company

OnePageCRM relates to people who are affiliated with an organization, but there are easy to customize how you use it. For example, I use OnePageCRM to keep track of my suppliers, and frankly all work related external contact by phone and email.

Projects, Goals, and Deals

Deals” sounds pretty American, but the term can cover deals you want to complete, regardless of whether it is a sale or some other kind of deal, A “Deal” is the project target and is an placeholder for phone calls, emails, notes, and more. For sales, Deals builds up a “Pipeline”, providing a quick overview of what is going on.


OnePageCRM is a cloud service. With the App for iPhone and Android, you have access from any device with online access, as one would expect from a cloud service. There is security in this as well; you should be able to run over your laptop at any time without being too worried about your data. That probably means you have other cloud services for storage as well.

Apps and Integration

Since it is an online system, it is easy to connect with other online services, ranging from MailChimp to Dropbox. The integration with Gmail and Office360 is also good, so you can integrate email directly. There are new features coming, and you can also create your own online integration.

Get started

Although OnePageCRM is made incredibly simple and intuitive, it is important not to jump into heavy customization before you know what you really need. The recommendation is to start with the system “as it is” and instead add things afterwards when specific needs are obvious, and try to keep a sensible structure. Fields that are not used eventually become “noise”. Still, there are a few things that should be structured from the start, as later changes may be fiddly, the tip is really to play with the system first, then reset everything.

Try for free for 21 days

This post is only a small intro, but you will find a lot of tips and tricks on the support pages, their support team is responsive, knowledgeable and human and will help you if are stuck. We use it ourselves.
If you use our link below, you can start a free trial
. Feel free to contact Nautikom if you need some tips to get started. The introduction information on the OnePageCRM pages are useful as well. Enjoy.